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June 30, 2022 3 min read

Over the past few years, resistance bands have received plenty of attention and popularity, and all for a good reason. With so many commercial gyms closed down and with COVID-19 essentially locking people at home, resistance bands act as super affordable and versatile gym equipment that anyone can use anywhere and at any time!

That said, resistance bands come in all shapes and sizes. And, knowing that not all bands are created equal, some will simply be better than others. This is the case when comparing loop resistance bands against resistance tubes, two common options when it comes to bands.

So, which one is better? Let's find out:

1. Versatility

Resistance tubes are definitely versatile. Let's get that straight. But, when comparing their versatility against resistance tubes, loops seem to be the better option.

Why is this the case? Well, loop resistance bands are just more versatile because of how they are built. Since they're a loop, you can attach them to essentially anything, and how you can even lock them into place in so many ways to train different parts of your body. On the other hand, tube resistance bands won't be as versatile because attaching them to objects is quite tough. Plus, due to their tube shape, they tend to dig into the skin more, making them a little more uncomfortable to use against the body versus a loop resistance band.

2. Durability

Resistance tubes and loops are equally durable, but there's a slight advantage in favour of loops. Of course, tubes are not that easy to break because they are built fairly strong, but they're not as durable as loops.

For example, if you're going to store your band, keeping it in its original form is much easier with a loop band because you literally have to just keep the loop in the middle, and nothing will happen to the band itself. Also, they're made of latex, and good quality loops will have layers of latex, making them super durable!

3. Resistance Levels

Resistance tubes and loops come in different levels of resistance, but the main difference between the two is that loops have much more resistance levels, especially depending on where you hold them.

For instance, if you were to hold the loop on each end and stretch your arm, that would be easier than if you were to hold onto one end and the other hand in the middle and try to stretch. It gives you more varying resistance levels, something which tube bands may not offer.

4. Portability

Let's get this over with. Loops are just way more portable than tubes.

Why is this the case? Simple. With loops, you can lay them flat and essentially just shape them into whatever you need to fit them in your bag or anything else. ON the other hand, tubes generally come with handles that take a bit of space to be stored. Also, loops are much lighter in comparison, making them even more portable than they already are!


All in all, if you're looking for the best options out there, go for loop resistance bands. They're durable, offer many resistance levels, are portable, and are versatile! These are all the hallmarks of any equipment you can take with you to keep your body trained on the go. So, if you're looking to level up your training at home or simply implement it into your gym session, purchase loop resistance bands today!

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