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November 12, 2021 3 min read

People rely on heavy-duty gym equipment most of the time to have a fit body. While they can be effective, they are also quite bulky and expensive, taking up most of a person’s floor space and budget. While some people wouldn’t mind spending more and taking up a section of their living spaces for their helpful gym amenities, not everyone can have that same luxury. This is why they have to rely on simple exercise items that still deliver a considerable impact for their workouts.

With that being said, powerbands are designed to enable their users a certain amount of liberty for their at-home workouts. While they may not be as innovative as other bulky equipment, they are at least very portable and handy enough to provide productive hours of routine fitness regimens.

Despite their different colours and elasticity, they all adhere to the same high-quality standards. If you are curious about what exercises go perfectly with Powerbands, no need to worry. We have listed the most common examples below for your reference.

1. The Powerbands Kickback

This is one of the easiest Powerband-assisted workouts you may try at home and outdoors.

Start in a push-up position, bend one of your knees, and make sure that the band is stretched towards your other leg, tangled at your sole. The other end of the Powerband should be stretched out and kept in place by both of your thumbs, making the band look like a long triangle.

Slowly stretch and bend your leg where the other end of the band is touching, giving your motion some resistance in the process. Do this with your other leg as well, with the other one being bent and supporting your weight this time.

2. The Powerband Squat

This is another easy workout you may do with the Powerband. Basically, all you have to do is to follow the usual squatting routine. However, the only difference here is that the band will be utilised to resist some of your movements, further developing your muscles. Place the ends of the Powerband under your feet and at the back of your neck, making it look like you are carrying something on your back while.

Do your usual squat counts and take a couple of rests in between intervals so that you will not burn yourself out.

3. The Powerbands Seated Row

This is basically an exercise that emulates the feel of rowing machine. You have to sit with both your feet stretched out front. Afterwards, make sure one end of the band is placed around your soles, with the other stretched towards your hands.

After achieving this position, imitate the act of rowing a boat, with the band acting as a tool for resistance, giving both your arms a light strain that will exercise its muscles during the routine. As with the first two workouts, make sure to rest in between sets.


Despite the fact that they’re small and easy to carry around, our Powerbands packs enough versatility to be useful, especially when we’re going for a simple routine that yields significant results. Regardless if you are working on your legs, your arms, or your midsection, you will be able to enjoy a fruitful exercise with something as simple as a set of bands.

Be sure to invest in our products and watch the positive change they provide for your health and active lifestyle.

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