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September 17, 2021 3 min read

Low-cost, convenient, space-saving, and stylish—resistance bands are the newest fitness trend—but they’re here to stay. Resistance bands come in latex bands, and fabric bands are great for at-home or on-the-go workouts, but their applications go beyond that. 

Simple yet proven versatile, they’re also practical, safe, and efficient enough for everybody to use, no matter the age or fitness level. Read on to discover more about the ways resistance bands outperform your regular exercises.

1. Resistance Bands Can Get You Fit for Cheap

Resistance bands are a low-cost supplement to your home gym equipment. Some resistance bands come with a workout DVD, or you can simply search online for quick workout videos you can do at home. Yes, it’s that easy!

2. Resistance Bands Are Suitable for a Range of Fitness Levels

Resistance bands are offered in three sizes: light, medium, and heavy. You can change the resistance level by adjusting the slack in the band or by mixing additional resistance bands. Day in and day out, you’ll never get bored of these!

3. Resistance Bands Are Excellent for Strength-Training

The various workouts you can do with this equipment are typically similar to well-known strength-training activities, ensuring that resistance bands actually work. For example, bicep curls are done by standing on one end of the wire and curling your arm upward while holding the other end.

4. Resistance Bands Are Perfect for Your Entire Body Movement

Several resistance band packages include exercises for almost every major muscle area. This can quickly give you an opportunity to set goals and take on daily, weekly, or monthly fitness challenges. Plus, by just stomping on one end of a resistance band or wrapping it around a stationary object, you can already perform various workouts.

5. Resistance Bands Save a Lot of Space (And Money)

If you don't have the space for a home gym, resistance bands are a great option to save space and money. After every workout, you’ll find yourself simply coiling them up and storing them in a box or drawer in your bedroom. 

This way, you may never have to spend thousands of dollars on heavy gym equipment that limits your space at home!

6. Resistance Bands Are Perfect for Travelers

Due to their portability, resistance bands offer the convenience of being able to work out while you’re out and about and travelling. Whether you’re in a hotel room, an Airbnb, or camping out in the forest or beach, you can do various resistance band workouts.

7. Resistance Bands Allow You to Change up Your Workouts

As muscles gradually adjust to new training programs, cross-training with free weights, machines, and resistance bands is a great approach to improve your fitness. With consistency and discipline, each of these workouts will develop your muscles and improve your overall fitness.

8. Resistance Bands Secure Your Safety

Resistance bands allow you to train securely and effectively without having to worry about dropping big weights or crushing your fingers between weight plates. At the same time, you can perform workouts alone or with a workout buddy.

9. Resistance Bands Can Complement Additional Exercise Tools.

Resistance bands can be used individually or in conjunction with other training equipment. Performing bicep curls with a resistance band and a dumbbell is a great way to get the best of both worlds.

10. Resistance Bands Can Get You Get Some Quick Exercise.

Both free weights and resistance bands exercises are effective. Consider the arc your arm makes as your bicep curl. While free weights are more effective at the start of the arc, resistance bands engage your muscles more at the end (when the band is most taut). Your muscles are engaged as your body is pushed to move against the opposition.


Perhaps we can go on and on about the benefits of using resistance bands, but it might take us more than a day to discuss them with you. At this point, we hope to have convinced you why you should invest in this super fitness equipment.

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