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January 13, 2022 3 min read

Many workout equipment and accessories can make the claim of building a person's muscle, often attributing to their features and innovations. That may all be good until you realise that there will always be beauty in simplicity, meaning that the simpler an equipment is, the more it may contribute to your daily exercise.

That being said, resistance bands are not to be overlooked, despite their simple looks and features. If you want to learn the tips in building your muscle mass using them, look no further than our recommendations below.

1. Start Light

Like any other workout, the one with resistance bands is all about starting from the basics. That being said, you should look at picking a lightweight resistance band if you're just starting. It will help you build strength and endurance in the beginning and help you to progress to heavier ones as you go.

2. Press

Working with resistance bands will help in developing your arm muscles. You might see the need to press a little harder to achieve the effect, which is perfectly fine. It's all about getting used to it and developing your muscles through it.

3. Circle

You can use resistance bands to target your muscles in different ways. One of those is to circle your arms at different angles. This will help you build your muscle in the problem areas.

You can also use the resistance bands to build tone and shape in the body when you use them with different movements. This will help you tone your muscles and also help you to achieve a well-rounded physique.

4. Waves

The waves will help you to target your arm muscles better. You have to be careful when you use it, however. Since with this movement, you have to be careful not to overwork the muscle, make sure that it doesn't feel fatigued at all. If that's the case, you're probably going to overwork it.

The last number on a resistance band will tell you how much it can offer in resistance. This means that if you have a band with a weight resistance of ten pounds, then you can expect to exert the same amount of force throughout your regular routine. However, this will ultimately depend on your arm size, your posture, and how you are using it.

5. Alternate

As always, you should also alternate between the upper and lower parts of your body, as this will help you achieve greater results using the resistance bands.

6. Stretch

Stretch the band and then hold it at the end. This is the recommended way of using them. Don't use the bands to pull on the joints and keep your body straight during the stretch to avoid any type of injury during the exercise.


You can also use the bands to exercise the right body parts, such as the chest, arms, and legs. Just remember that this is not the only way to build your muscle; you can also try free weights or machines, depending on the workout routine you want to follow.

Use your resistance bands well, and you will get to enjoy your routines while building your muscles in no time.

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