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February 03, 2022 3 min read

Resistance bands have become a popular tool for all kinds of people trying to get the best workout. Much of its popularity comes from the fact that it's very accessible and can be used pretty much anywhere.

The question that individuals looking to get into resistance band training ask is, "Is this really effective?"

Effects of Resistance Band Training

1 - Improving Mobility

Resistance bands are great when it comes to improving mobility in joints. By engaging your muscles across different sections of the body, you get the full range of motion. This can help individuals that want to be more flexible or are trying to recover from previous injuries.

2 - Developing Strength

Resistance bands actually provide the same strength and muscle toning that lifting weights give. The resistance they provide, especially with more tension, causes muscles to work harder than they normally would to complete the same motions. With repetitions, this greatly develops strength.

3 - Reducing Risk of Injury

The way your body is engaged by a resistance band means the beneficial impact is the same, with less strain. Aside from soreness expected from exercise, you have a much lower chance of sustaining an injury than you would with bulky gym equipment.

In fact, resistance training is often used for recovery programs because it won't exacerbate any injuries just to build up your motion and strength.

4 - Activating the Core

In order to get the most out of resistance bands, the core muscles are heavily engaged in making the motions. When this happens, you will have more stability in general motions, better coordination, and improved posture.

Resistance Band Exercises You Can Do

Both workout buffs and beginners can do resistance training to get their desired effects. Among the many workout routines available out there, here are a few of the exercises you can incorporate into your regimen.

1 - Lunges with Bicep Curls

To execute this move, you just have to hold one end of the band in front of you and step down on the other end. From here, you'll want to use your free leg to perform a lunge by bending your knee to a ninety-degree angle. At the same time, you should curl your arms up into your chest.

Afterwards, slowly return to your starting position. Do this for around ten reps, and make sure you maintain a straight back the whole time.

2 - Leg Presses

For this workout, simply lie on your back and bend your knees until your feet are flat on the floor. Raise one leg and loop your band around your raised foot. Then, start to straighten your leg by pressing your foot away from your chest while still aligned with the floor.

After slowly returning to your start position, just repeat this on the other side and alternate for around ten reps.

3 - Ab Crunches

For this, you'll want to loop a section of the band to a sturdy, stable object that can be your counterweight. Then, grab the other end of the band and lie on your back while staying aligned with your counterweight object.

Then, with knees bent and feet flat on the floor, start tightening your abdominal muscles as you lift your upper body while holding onto the resistance band. You should have your hands above your face.

Slowly get back to your starting position and perform three sets of ten reps.


Basically, resistance bands are definitely an effective workout. They effectively work on different muscle groups and improve various aspects of your fitness without causing excessive strain.

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