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February 03, 2022 3 min read

Booty bands are resistance bands worn around the thighs, calves, and ankles. They increase lower-body muscle activation during free weight exercises or add resistance to bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges, kicks, and side steps.

It does this by creating more resistance near the point of muscle contraction. Therefore, students do not have to rely on the core to stabilise the body, potentially strengthening the glutes and hamstrings during exercises that do not require a back brace or under a squat machine.  

How Does Booty a Band Work?

The effect of booty bands on the resistance is dependent on their size. The smaller or shorter band usually provides lower resistance than larger or longer ones. The resistance of booty bands is also reliant on the number of reps performed

The use of booty bands also increases muscle activity of the glutes during the side step and forward lunge, allowing a more excellent range of motion during exercises such as the squat, lunge, and sideways lunges.

How to Use a Booty Band?

1. You Can Use Your Booty Band for Exercises on Lower Body Weight

 Whether you do bodyweight-only workouts, want to add some bodyweight workouts to your resistance training, or need to do a workout while travelling or at home booty bands can take your exercises on a higher level. 

2. You Can Use Your Booty Band for Upper Body Exercises

Latex rubber booty bands are great for providing support during upper body exercises, especially if you're recovering from an injury or have limited core strength. The booty bands support your glutes and legs during barbell lifts, row exercises, and more.

Fabric booty bands make your pushups, handstand pushups, and other upper-body exercises stronger by adding resistance to your chest, shoulders, and triceps on activities such as pushups. 

3. You Can Use Your Booty Band for Lower Body Warm-up

Having a warm-up routine is essential for your lower body. It wakes up more muscle fibres and makes the exercises much more effective.

A booty band can help you start your lower body warm-up routine. In addition to the downstairs portion, they can be used to warm up the hips and the hamstrings. They can also be used to warm up the lower body before sports and workouts.

4. You Can Use Your Booty Band for Core Exercises

 A resistance band can be used in your core exercises to strengthen your core at different angles. Whether you do abs exercises regularly or want to change it up, a booty band can help you improve your body to get a more effective workout. 

5. You Can Use Your Booty Band for Free Weight Exercises

A booty band can be included in your workout to increase the difficulty in your free weight exercises. They can create an extra challenge for your trainees and make your workouts more effective. They can be tied around the ankles, wrists, or torso of your body. They can also be used to provide support to your core and lower body during free weight exercises like bench presses, squats, lunges, deadlifts, and more.


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