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October 07, 2021 3 min read

If you’re tired of doing the same old workouts, incorporating a resistance band into your routine might be what you need. If you’re not new to exercising, you’ve probably gotten used to the same routines and moves. You can make the same exercises exciting again by making them challenging. Before discussing how you can use resistance bands in your workout, let’s learn more about them first.

How to Differentiate Resistance Bands Based on Colour

Some manufacturers generally stick to the same colours depending on the bands’ resistance levels. At POWERBANDS®, we follow a specific colour coding system.

Yellow:Extra Light (Beginners)

Neon Green / Yellow Green:Light (Beginners)

Green:Medium (Intermediate / Advanced)

Black:Heavy (Advanced)

Generally speaking, the thicker bands have a higher resistance level. Since some exercise moves require different intensities, it is recommended to use various bands when you’re working out. Thicker bands are ideal for leg and booty workouts. The thinner ones are great for upper body routines, especially for the shoulders.

Standalone Resistance Band Moves for Your Workout

The following moves can be more exciting and challenging when using a resistance band to take things to the next level. Do 8–12 repetitions for each exercise. Keep in mind that if the last two repetitions are not difficult, you should change your band to a thicker one. If your moves are too limited, then choose a thinner one. Finish the moves without taking a break, and if you want something higher in intensity, complete the whole routine twice.


  1. Stand on the resistance band and keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Next, grab the other end of the band and put it on the same level as your shoulders. Part of the band should be at the back of your arms.
  1. Slowly squat and stay in that position, tightening your abs and keeping your chest lifted.
  1. Stand up again, squeezing your glutes in the process.


  1. Place the resistance band on the floor and put your foot in its centre. Hold the other end of the band and keep it at shoulder level.
  1. Take a step back using your left foot, ensuring that the heel is not touching the floor.
  1. Lower yourself to the ground with both knees bent at a 90-degree angle.
  1. Press yourself back up. Repeat the moves and switch legs as much as you desire.

Butt Kickers

  1. Place one end of the power band on your right foot and kneel. Hold the other end of the band and place your hands under your shoulders.
  1. Raise your right knee and push your right foot back. Squeeze your glutes and extend your foot as much as you can.
  1. Slowly bring your knee back to the starting position. Do 8-12 repetitions before switching to the other foot.

Final Thoughts

Resistance bands are an excellent tool to help you achieve your fitness goals. By using them during your workout, you’ll be a step closer to having a toned body. At POWERBANDS®, we understand exactly what our customers need, which is why we have created the best Australian resistance bands available in the market today.

POWERBANDS® strives to improve the quality of our customers’ lives through movement. We do so by manufacturing and selling thebest resistance bands designed to help you exercise more effectively. Whether you are focusing on strength training or glute training, our products will help you get the results you want. Contact us today for details.